Monday, July 9, 2012

Graham { 9 Months}

Wow, only three months until he is one.  When did he get so big? I guess it's really time for me to start planning his first birthday brunch.  This month was pretty  low key.  A lot of the same ol' same ol'.  He did get a cough this month, and his nose seems to have finally stopped running.( thank you mother's day out) I would say his biggest accomplishments are standing up unassisted, he did it for like 20 seconds the other day, and walking along furniture.  He has also mastered bending down and picking things up and standing back up.  It's funny how these little things are such huge milestones for babies.  He is still just the sweetest little guy.  We are still not having any issues with separation which is great, but  I read back on Dylan's month posts and that didn't hit him until 10 months.  OHHH, he also cut his third tooth last week.  It's a fang.  I'm not sure why my kids teeth grow in weird,  but they do, and they are adorable so I'll take it. 

Graham is such a sweet baby.  He still isn't a cuddler, but he is willing to sit ( recline) on me for a little while and watch some TV.  I really enjoy those few minuets because well, he doesn't cuddle.  I think that's one reason we haven't had to deal with attachment issues yet either.  He has been doing great going to the childcare ladies at the gym too.  One day, they referred to him as the "cute one" I asked if he was the only baby in there and he wasn't.  I don't think I'll ever get tired of people telling me how cute my babies are. 

He is an explorer.  We will put him down on the grown and he will be in the other room exploring in no time.  I often say to Adam, " can you go locate the little one?" There isn't really anything that he can get hurt on, but there are a number of things that he can put in his mouth.  His number one favorite is shoes.  It also reminds me of another little boy who lives in this house.  Dylan was obsessed with shoes, and so is Graham. I think that Graham will be our climber.  He likes to stand on things to get to places.  Dylan's nap mat?  No problem.  One day he was just hanging out on Dylan's Anywhere chair.  I didn't put him up there.  Luckily, he knows how to get down without killing himself! Another thing I have noticed, Graham is TOUGH.  He hardly ever cries if he falls or hits his head or anything.  That's nice.  I worry about him a lot less than I did Dylan at this age, I think because he is bigger. 

Slapping.  It's his new favorite thing.  He can put the smack down on anyone.  I really have to start telling him no.  Dylan sees it and then thinks it's a fun game.  It's cute though how Graham gets so into it.  He will be on his knees ( most of the time) and arch his back, then slam down on you. It really hurts when he connects with  my face.  I still feel bad telling him no.  I know he knows what the word means, but he isn't hitting me to be mean, it's just what he does.

Food.  This kid loves food.  He really got good at puffs this month, so we moved onto bigger and better things.  Like crackers.  Just this Friday at Chuck E Cheese, Grandpa gave him a cracker, and he loved it.  So we have been giving them to him since.  He also likes shredded cheese.  Still loves hunks of zucchini, and we might try some fruit this week since we got so much from out Co-op. 

Jabbering. Dylan obviously wasn't much of a babbler.  It's weird to hear some of the sounds that come out of Graham's mouth.  He already says "mama"  though I know it isn't directed at me just yet.  Baba, Dadada, gagaga and he has this pretty awesome Chewy sound.  I think he and Dylan will have their own language.  They can just look at each other and Dylan will say something and Graham will make noise back and Graham will get a huge smile oh his face, then Dylan will say " Oh Bubba" and then rub his head like a dog.  It's hilarious, but so sweet at the same time.  I am always fearful that Graham will say things wrong because he hears how Dylan says them.  Which is most of the time wrong:)  So we will see.

I would say Graham found a love of balls this month.  He loves to chase them.  Throw them. Eat them.  Good thing we have lots of them in this house.  I mean, I feel like we have 200 balls.  Yet every time I see one, I think " Ohhhh the boys will love this."  Then I complain about how there are always balls on the floor.  I think this month I will blow up the ball pit and hope for the best!  I think he will love it.  Though Dylan will love to throw the balls down stairs:(

9 Month Stats:
Weight: 18 lbs 3 oz ( 20th %)
Length:29 and 3/4 inchs ( 90th %)
9 Month onsies, though sometimes still 6 month
9 month sleepers, though your feet are about to bust out of those
Most days: 2 naps
Eating 3 8 oz bottles and 1 6 oz, plus three meals a day
Size 3 diapers ( you have no waist like your brother.)

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