Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wakey Wakey

For those of you who don't know, Dylan is a very good sleeper.  He always has been. But he isn't the greatest waker upper. I'm sure that is not a word, but oh well.  Dylan is a deep sleeper.  A few months ago, any time the dog would bark, he would be up in a heartbeat.  Before then, if there was someone mowing the lawn across the street he would wake up.  The trash trucks used to wake him up, but he goes to school on Thursday's now, so that isn't a problem.  The point is, he went back to sleeping through everything, thank goodness. 

When he wakes up on his own, he is in a good mood.  When I wake him up, not soo much.  He is whiny, and clingy, and just a pain.  So I've resorted to ways of " him waking up"  My number one go to is dogs barking.  Sometimes this takes forever though.  I will take the monitor, and go out my front door, and ring the doorbell. Since the dogs are dumb, they will go crazy, even if they just saw me walk out the door.  Ding dongs.  It usually takes a few rings of the bell to get them to bark long enough to wake him up.  If that fails, I go and open his door and then try again.  That usually does it. 

My neighbors probably wonder what I am doing outside my door, ringing the bell with the baby monitor in my hands, but hey, he wakes up in a good mood and we can go do whatever it is we were needing to do.  I won't wake him up unless it's 6 PM or we need to go somewhere!:)

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The Links said...

How funny!! Atleast you have come up with a way to wake him up that allows him to wake up himself!!