Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Modern Technology

I have always known I rely to much on modern technologies, but haven't really appreciated them until the last few days.  You see, when we had Dylan we bought a nice video monitor.  My mom always made fun, saying things like " Why can't you just go check on them?" Adam's mom whenever they stay at her house says " We didn't have one with yall, we can just check on them" Ok ok, I know that's how our parents did it.  But why go in and chance waking them up, when you can put a camera above their bed and look at the silly positions they sleep in?  Oh, and we have a two story house, and I'm far too lazy to walk up the stairs every time I want to make sure they are still asleep. 

Back to the point, our monitor is dead.  It stopped charging, so I am now waiting on a new charger that I know is not going to work.  I bought a new monitor just to see if the battery would work, it doesn't.  It's the connection between the charger and monitor that is broken.  Boo.  The worst part is, I have slept without having a monitor on for the last few nights.  I hate it. Now I know my babes sleep through the night, so that's not a big deal.  The big deal is waking up.  My kids don't cry when they wake up.  They play.  Both of them.  At least Dylan will start yelling " MAMA" when he is awake.  Graham just plays, with his feet, the bumper, his mobile, anything.  He hardly ever crys.  So the last few mornings, I've had to go up there to check to see if he is awake.  He has been, but who knows for how long. 

So a new monitor is in our future.  I would change brands but we already have the cameras for the one we have, so we are sticking to it.  So, moral of the story.  Without modern technology, I would go bananas.

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The Links said...

We didn't get a video monitor or regular monitor because I didn't think we would need one since our house is so small. I was right in the fact that we don't need a audio monitor. We can hear Pearson just fine when he cries out. Although I really wish we had a video monitor so I would have to get out of bed and check on him or accidently wake him up checking on him. I want to buy one now so we can use it for Pearson now and then have it when we have another baby, but Matt won't let me get one. :( He thinks we should just wait until we have another baby and have grandparents buy it.