Friday, May 28, 2010

36 months!

When you say it like that it doesn't seem like it's that long, but the 26th, we celebrated our anniversary. Three whole years... As Adam said" These days, that makes us just about above average." I actually have no idea how long the average marriages lasts, but I've known a few that don't make it there. We didn't really have anything planed, because lets be honest, it's not like we needed a night off, to catch up and find out what is going on with each other, because well, we see each other 24/7. Not that I'm complaining, just saying! So the day started out with eggs Benedict made by none other than Adam, ( I'm glad I married a man who cooks!) taking the dogs for a run, which is much harder than any P90X video I'll tell you... ( Yes we are still doing it, just entered the last month. Hopefully, I'll get a post on that here in a few days!) then headed to Central Market, our adult playground, for some stuff for dinner. Rack of lamb to be exact! We had a low key day with a candle lit and roses dinner, followed up by a yummy dessert!
This year the Modern gift is leather. Well I haven't stuck to tradition yet, actually I've been quite awful with anniversary gifts for my poor husband. The first year I got him a video game, sad but true. The second year, I'm pretty sure I didn't get him anything, in my defense, we were about to move, and had a baby on the way. But this year I got him a golf club. Which I WAS going to wait for fathers day to give him, but since I procrastinated it was what I came up with.
I on the other hand, received thoughtful gifts. It started with mother's day when I got my topaz earrings. But on our anniversary, I got a another homemade card with pictures of us throughout the years, marriage and dating. And Two Movie vouchers, for tickets he had already purchased. One for Sex and the City 2( opening day), and the other for eclipse. How many other husbands would go with their wives to see those two movies? Not only where they movie vouchers, but they were at this new theater that I heard about this past weekend.

Gold Class Cinemas. It's the same concept as Studio Movie Grill, but AWESOMER... Yes I just used that word! It has about 25 seats for each theater, and the best part is that have RECLINERS!!!! Oh yes, recliners, someone bringing me food, and alcohol, and get this, even a blanket and pillow ( though I pasted on the pillow) The tickets are pricey about $17 a ticket, but it's not to much more than the 11 at a normal theater. The food was quality, and it was a good time. Not something we would do everyday, or every week for that matter, but I nice date night.
I look forward to spending many more anniversaries with the man of my dreams. We've had so much happen in the last three years, I can't wait to see what happens in the years to come.

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