Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My 1st Baby Mamma Day!

My First mothers day, while bittersweet, was amazing! It started out with Adam getting up with Dylan ( it happened to be his day anyway, but oh well!) Adam made me breakfast, only a small one though because we were supposed to meet his parents for brunch. Then I got TWO, count them, not one but TWO HOMEMADE cards!!! They were soo cute, and Adam worked hard on them I know! Before we left, he gave me Dylan's gift to me. JUST what I asked for. A blue topaz something... It's Dylan's birthstone. Which also turns out to be the state gem of TEXAS!!! Am I the only person who didn't know that? I must say my son already knows a way to a woman's heart... farting, and giving jewelry for gifts!

As we were leaving, I got another gift. This one was for our anniversary, which is in a few weeks, but it was matching earrings, to the necklace that Dylan had gotten me! He said he couldn't wait.

We were planning on doing brunch at Urban Crust, but they( Adam's parents) got there and there was a 1.5 hour wait. I GUESS we weren't the only ones who thought that would be a good idea! So we had to come up with something else. We didn't have a plan B. We ended up doing Brunch at a Mexican restaurant right here in Murphy called Amado's. It was actually really good. We got there right before the crowd and it was nice. Dylan didn't even cry at all!

The day was completed with me taking a nap, my sister and Michelle coming over and playing games. They even fed Dylan, gave him a bath, AND put him to sleep! So I got a break from that. Adam made me a yummy lamb dinner, and I am pretty sure we were in bed asleep by 10:30!!! lol... But I would have to say, despite everything, I had a wonderful day! Thanks to my two men!!

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Court's Blog said...

Yeahhhh, Love the pretty jewelry and I'm so glad Adam and Dylan got you what you truly wanted. That is crazy that Urban Crust had an hour and half wait! Yikes! You're going to have to tell me more about this new Mexi place and if we should try it out sometime. My true test of a place is if they have good queso? Si or No? ttys :)