Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fishy Baby

Aside from his very first bath at home, you know, the one in the sink where he is freezing, mom and dad didn't know what they are doing, and he is screaming, Dylan has always LOVED water. Everyone probably knows that just based on ALL the pictures I have of him( nakey) in his whale tub. So we decided that a day of almost 95 degrees was a great day to try out the swimming pool. It would be the first time for all of us. With me being pregnant last year, and moving, we never really got around to using it. Not this year. So on Thursday morning we packed up, slathered sunscreen on, blew up a float , and headed to the pool. I was hoping that no one would be there just in case that he didn't like it, and screamed bloody murder. Unfortunately for me, on one walk up there, I saw more than one car... I think there were like 4? Bad sign.

But we got there, and hopped into the kiddie pool( 2 feet deep), and well lets just say that Dylan didn't hated it, or even dislike it I don't think. I can't say that he LOVED it either, because I don't think we got one smile. He was sorta just chilling. Hanging out in his floaty, trying to get away from the obnoxious little boy who was " showing us how to swim" while splashing the crap out of all of us.
Dylan= not a big fan of water in the face!!! We will be going to the pool again, and probably every time he'll be a little more happy with it.

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