Sunday, May 16, 2010

The classic struggle

For as long as, ever, there has always been a rivalry struggle between men and woman. Seeing as I am no feminist, and I tend to agree that there are certain things men do better than women, I've found it intriguing. I will always let a man open a door for me, or carry something heavy for me. It doesn't make me feel like less of a woman. I know there are things that I do better than Adam for instance. Like... Laundry, I know I know I'm having to fish for things, because well, he does a lot better than me. Anyway, I always considered myself the baker in our relationship. He is the cook. I have to follow recipes. He likes to create things, try ingredients together. So what better way to test our skills than with a cake auction?
The church has an annual cake action, used to be, only men could enter a cake to auction, but now everyone can. So we both did one. We each helped brainstorm for both cakes, so I'll take a little credit for his!;) So yesterday we spent the day baking cakes!

Adam's was a cheeseburger and fries. It wasn't hard to find an example on the Internet for one of those. It turned out cute, everyone was really impressed by in. Mostly kids, which well, can't bid a whole lot in an auction.

I made a Bailey's Irish Cream bundt cake It's my favorite after dinner drink, and well boozy cakes tend to make a lot of money in church auction. It had a glaze of butter sugar and baileys on it. Sadly, I kinda made the cake ugly with the glaze because, it hardened before I could pour it all on there..
So as the battle raged on, between husband and wife, we went to the auction this morning. Seeing every ones excitement over Adam's cake, I was sure that I was going to lose. We were both pleasantly surprised that the same person bought both of our cakes. We obviously come and go as a pair to some people!

I know, you guys had to read everything and all you want to know is who won. Well I'll tell you... My cake went for $85... Adam's went for....

$110. I bow to him. He won. Fair and Square. oh well... Maybe next year. I think it was my glaze that ruined my chances!

Oh yeah, and Dylan was a hit, he was a perfect little baby. He fell asleep on my chest during the auction, which I'll have you know, he hasn't done in probably 3.5 months. So needless to say, I was sad when I was required to get up and wake him!

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