Monday, May 31, 2010

Domestic Goddess... In progress

I have never been one to think ahead. I always had to buy cards for anything, the day before or whatever. My mom must have taught me that. Birthday gifts, we ALWAYS had to buy wrapping paper, or a bag or whatever was needed to conceal the gift. But I have found a solution to my problem. I always thought that it would be need to have everything you needed ready at home, and at the tip of my fingers. That might make me sound a little odd, but oh well. So I found some little gems at the Container store, which I'll have you know, I could spend $123821479234 in.Something about that store is just awesome, and I feel like I NEED everything in it. So I bought me a wrapping paper holder, ribbon organizer, and a card holder/ organizer. I'm most excited about the card holder. I'm one of those people that MUST find the right card. I probably look at like a zillion cards when wanting to buy one. I always go for the funny cards, no matter the occasion, and I guess if you know me, it'll probably have some sort of animal on it.

I think the best card I ever got was for my mom for Mothers Day. I think we were in high school. I forget what the front said, but it was something like this... Happy mother's day from your.... ( then you open it, and out jumps a donkey with HUGE teeth ) you JACKASS kid. It was her favorite of all time. I'm pretty sure I will find it in her stuff when I actually go through it. Every year I tried to live up to that one, but I never could, it was just the perfect card. Truth, and humor rolled into one!

I was excited to get started on my "stocking up" and it so happens that one of my favorite stores is going out of business:( I actually didn't even know until I went to their website looking for a monogrammed tote bag!!! But I went and really stocked up. I got... 8 rolls of wrapping paper, 6 packs of tissue paper, 5 bow, 3 wine bags, 4 boxes, 3 packs of gift tags, 4 greeting cards and two packs of fun napkins all for a grand total of $49!!!! I am thinking of going back since it was so great! The rolls of wrapping paper were originally $5, so that alone is worth what I paid. Needless to say, I don't think it'll be long before I'm stocked. I haven't even bought Christmas paper yet!:)

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Casey said...

Which store is going out of business? Was it Swoozies? I know they are and they have cute stuff!