Sunday, May 23, 2010

The return...

Adam made it home safe and sound. I think he was ready to be home after being in smoke filled rooms, and being around drunk boys for three days. Dylan was nothing but ecstatic to see him! Which is good, maybe he'll stop being a pill!!! Yesterday was not a good day, probably the worst in about lets see... his WHOLE life ( Alright, maybe I'm being a little dramatic) but it was still bad. He refused to take naps, he took two MAYBE thirty minute ones. And then when the ladies were other, he decided to scream so that I would come get him. I am now aware he just wanted to come down and flirt, and be told how handsome he is... Though I can't say that it's a lie!;) Then, he woke up again around 12:30 when the final two gals were leaving. He ate again then went back to sleep which is good. He hasn't woken up to eat in the middle of the night in several months. So I'm thinking growth spurt. Especially since he made up for the lack of naps with a four and hour one today!!!!!

Well I know the burning question is, " Did Adam make you rich in Shreveport", and the answer is absolutely not. Though he didn't make us have to eat beans for the next two years either!! None of them left with more than they came with. One day honey, one day you will win!:) So he has spent time with Dylan tonight feeding him, changing him ( Dylan greeted him with a gift of a dirty diaper, just so Daddy could change him, good boy son, good boy!) and now they are sitting over there playing.

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