Monday, May 3, 2010

5 Months

I was asked at Mom's memorial the other day if I was going to be keeping my blog of. Of course, though I know that she was my number one reader, well possibly one of the ONLY readers, I will be keeping it up. It's a great way for me to document the things we do, and of course, Dylan's growth and milestones, because lets be honest, I've got a baby book, that has hardly ANYTHING in it!!!

So Dylan turned 5 whole months yesterday. Although it has been a rough couple of weeks for him, having to be away from home, and really only seeing Adam and I for about an hour a day, he has been a champ. So what have you been up to this month you ask?

You are STILL sleeping through the night, about 10-12 hours. Though about mid month you decided you were going to wake up because well.. you were pissed that you had rolled over!!

Rolling over if your new favorite past time. We put you on your back, and before we are gone, your on your belly.

You've had rice cereal, oatmeal cereal, and avocado ( only once) You are not a fan of oatmeal, but you love you some rice cereal. We have to give it to you before you bath though, because lots of it ends up on your face!

You are still in size 2 diapers, and will be for a while.

You have finally outgrown your 0-3 month footed sleepers, but we can put you in the footless one that we have. You still fit in 0-3 month onsies, but most of them are long sleeve, so I went and bought you some 3-6 month, they are pretty big... you probably won't need new clothes until winter!

You also started sucking on your bottom lip, it's pretty freaking adorable!

Also, you love to blow raspberry's now, it's also pretty cute!

You have not QUITE mastered sucking on your toes, but you are getting really close!

Another month has gone by baby boy, and you are growing up way to fast. You will not understand until you are older what having you in my life has done for me in the past two weeks. I'm so grateful, that I get to wake up to your smiling face every single day!! I love you my monkey man!


Christa said...

I read :) I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom, you're right you're very lucky that you have your little man. I know M helps me get through everything because I know I'm doing it for him!

anne said...

i'm glad you're keeping it up -- i read every post! :) lots of love to your family as you're going through this rough time. dylan is absolutely adorable and i've loved the peek into the fenner life. :)


Brenda said...

Yes, your Mom was proud of your blog!!! She called to tell me about it and then emailed me the link. I love it and it keeps a little of Teresa in my heart to see ya"ll. This is so much better than a baby book!