Sunday, June 13, 2010

Big Trouble

The title sums it up. We are in BIG TROUBLE. Dylan can't even walk, or crawl and he already keeps us on our toes. He may not be able to crawl, though he is trying really hard, but he can roll with the best of them. If he wants something say like, computer charger cords, or WII controllers, or cords for the cable box, he'll just roll on over and put them in his mouth. The days of laying him on the floor and cleaning the kitchen are O-V-E-R.

What really spurred this post was this morning. Dylan has been sleeping in his crib since 2 months. So that is 4 months. He's never once tried to get out of... yet. We have only a few times had to go and move him away from the bumper with fear of suffocation. This morning was something I had NEVER seen, heard of, or expected.


I kid you not. My kiddo managed to work himself under the fitted sheet, and wrap it back around himself. He's a magician. I still don't understand. It baffles me. I have NO IDEA, how he managed this. Needless to say Mommy will be changing that sheet tonight!

The nest thing is, his desire to roll on the changing mat. He had figured out how to do it. The contour will keep him on his back no longer.
We are in BIG TROUBLE.

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Casey said...

I plan on thoroughly enjoying the next 2.5 months of Caden's life before we get there.