Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Cowgirl and baked potato

Because I JUST put away our suitcase from Santa Fe this morning, it reminded me I never did the second post of the second day of our vacation! So here it is...

Sunday, those who didn't have to leave first thing in the morning; Adam and me, Andy, Stacie and Mike, went and did a little Santa Fe Square wondering. Finding a place to eat proved harder than one would have thought. Our original lunch destination was closed. So we found another recommended place, .8 walking miles away, got there and wouldn't you know it, closed too. So we stumbled upon this little place called the Cowgirl ( which actually had ended up being recommended on Kacie and Tom's wedding website!) They had a little band outside, playing some folk music, there was a nice breeze, and a host with the best muffin top ever.;) We had a great time sitting and enjoying each other company, the band, and eating Mexican food for the umpteenth time!

I of course had to get dessert when I found out they had a " famous ice cream baked potato. I think I had seen them before because I kind of had an idea what was going to come out. But it was fun to order non the less. It certainly wasn't anything spectacular, but it was fun to eat!

After lunch we headed down to the Santa Fe Square and parted ways with Stacie and Andy:( Mike Adam and I continued to look around. I was hoping to snag some Christmas presents for people, but I didn't want to have to check our bag, so we didn't buy anything. So much for getting ahead of the game! So to the airport we headed... 5 hour early! Adam wanted to watch GOLF!!!

Our plane ended up being an hour late, for whatever reason, so we didn't make it home until 11:30, but we were both exhausted, seeing as we had been at the airport for FOREVER. Adam just had to watch the rest of the US Open, so I had the idea to watch it in the airport. Good Idea Lindsay. I guess it WAS Father's day after all.

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