Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wishing...and hoping!

I am pretty sure that everyone on the planet wishes that they could do something that they can't. Mine? Well, I have a lot. Every time I watch SYTYCD, or American Idol, I wish that I could sing and dance. I really wish that I was GREAT at one thing. I was alright at soccer, I made ok grades, but really hated school, and I most DEFINITELY can't sing OR dance.

What made me think of this you ask? WICKED. Last Tuesday night Adam and I went to see WICKED, at the Dallas Summer Musicals. I had heard of it of course, but didn't really know much about it. But let me tell you what... A - FREAKING- MAZING. How fun would that job be? Dancing and singing all the time, with a fun group of people. ( I often think about this while watching GLEE also) Know I know, it's almost impossible to become a Broadway star, but how amazing would it be. The woman who played, Elfaba, the wicked witch of the West, was Phenomenal. Amazing. I can't say enough about it. Glinda, in my opinion, was a little shrill for my taste. ( What did you think Court?) And the guy, well he was was alright. Not as good as Finn or Puck on GLEE!

That's what I wish I could do. What do you wish you could do really well but can't?

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Court's Blog said...

Couldn't agree with you more!!! Elphaba was AMAZING!!! Ga-linda or Glinda played her part perfectly, but yes, a little shrill at times. It is fun to dream about being on Broadway. What an amazing job. Musicals like WICKED make me so happy!!! I'm glad you loved it. Sometime we'll have to go catch a show together!!! Have a great day!