Tuesday, June 22, 2010



This past weekend, we took a mini-cation to Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was for a wedding of two friends from college. Tom and Kacie. I'll be honest, it was also a little reunion, but I suppose that is what weddings are. Among our group of friends there had been two other wedding. Sadly, we couldn't attend either. One was in December right when my mom and sister came to PA for Christmas in 07, and the other was the past December right after we had Dylan. So this was the first time in about 3 years we have seen any of these guys. It was fantastic.

The location was beautiful. It was kinda out in the middle of no where dessert, off a gravel road, but let me tell you, the sunset was amazing On the way home though, I was waiting for a coyote or roadrunner to step out and stare me down, as if daring me to hit it. Didn't happen though.

One thing that I was reminded of during this wedding was why my husband and I DO NOT DANCE. Not that anyone else was fantastic or anything, but we are REALLY bad dancers. Adam like to grunt if you will... a little of the " UGGGHHH" thrown in. And well, I really just did some p90x moves to be funny. A little running lunge, and some wacky jacks. That way I couldn't feel bad about not working out!!

I think everyone had a great time catching up,I mean come on, there were SPARKLERS, and doing a little reminiscing. Sadly it was a pretty short reunion, as many of us were only able to be there for the weekend.

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