Monday, June 21, 2010

Fever Fighter

There is just some reason that I think that titles that include alliteration are cute. Don't ask why. I know I do it all the time, but this time it's true. For the first time in his six and a half month life, my little man was sick. Don't ask me how he got it, though the pool was the only place he went last week, but he got a virus.

Thursday night I noticed he was a little hot, so decided to take his temperature. 99.6. I figured it was just teething, because well, I have thought that for the last 3 months! All he does is drool and chew on stuff! So that night before going to bed I went to say goodnight, and he was still a little hot. I took his temperature AGAIN, it was 100.7. Going up, " I'll call the pedi in the morning if he still has it." I said. Adam gets up with him that morning, such enough, 101.4. I call, ask at which point we need to bring him in. They had an appointment for that afternoon, so at 1:30 we headed there. Where we learned his temperature was 103. Kinda high if you ask me. Checked for all the usuals. No ear infection. No cold. No knowing. They ran blood work, a urine sample ( Though he knew he wouldn't have a uti, since that's more common in uncircumcised boys, and VERY rare in circumcised. ) So he left us with giving Tylenol every 4 hours, and calling it a virus.

Of course, this was the DAY before we were going to be leaving him home with his Grandma and Aunt while we went on a little mini cation. As our pedi told us..." No matter how old they are, kids always manage to ruin vacations" Now I don't believe that, and he urged us to go ahead and go, which we did. Well, wouldn't you know, Little Dylan managed to live through it. We came home to a happy baby. EVEN if he welcomed us home with a 3 AM SCREAM fest. Can anyone say growth spurt?

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